Purple Globe



A S T R A L   P L A N E

Each track has been composed with and without sound effects, in 15 and 30 minute versions.

There are three different licence options available depending on your requirements:

Standard Use: $15

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Wider Use: $30

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Unlimited Use: $120

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spa & beauty



world spirit

The gently evolving peices in this category are designed to aid relaxation and are ideal for beauty treatments and theraputic environments

Pieces with an aquatic theme evoking expansive seas, escape and retreat. Ideal for meditation and psychological therapies

Gentle rural soundscapes to promote peace and contentment. A oneness with nature aids calm and is Ideal for rehabilitation and physical therapies

These pieces arouse a sense of exploration and freedom by taking the mind on a journey. Ideal for anti-stress environments

The music on Astral Plane is by Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey, and has been designed using real sound effects from different parts of the world. Each track is slightly different, and creating a calm, realxing enviroment for clients, making it useful for massage, spa, therapy and relaxing moods, ultimately to create a sense of freedom and escape.